Draft tool to assess Ukraine war damage available

A draft version of an Excel tool is now available to provide organisations closer to the scene with a way of describing the damage in Ukrainian urban areas resulting from the Russian invasion.

We have been working with about a dozen iiSBE and other colleagues in several central European countries with an interest in sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine. Main participants in the tool development include Prof. Kajetan Sadowski and Dr. Woytek Kujawski (Poland), Dr. Antonin Lupisek and Nika Trubina (Czechia), with overall management provided by Nils Larsson (Canada).

Please note that, although the motivating factor was to describe war damage in Ukraine, we have structured the file so that it can be used to describe damage from earthquakes, flooding, wind storms and various other climate change impacts.

The Excel file is usable in seven languages, including Ukrainian and Polish, courtesy of Google Translate. The file is intended to be linked to a version of the SNTool and SBTool systems for subsequently establishing sustainable reconstruction approaches and performance targets.

Suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Nils Larsson

SRCTool Ukraine 01Oct22.xlsx112.5 KB