Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction

At the 2015 COP21 climate change conference in Paris, an announcement was made about the launch of a new international organization, the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (Global ABC), which will be a platform for participating organizations to report on their progress in meeting their commitments for greenhouse gas reductions (called Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs) within the building sector. 23 countries and many large NGOs have joined to date.

iiSBE joined this organization and we have been very active in supporting Global ABC activities. Specifically, we take an active part in Working Group 1 (WG1), which focuses on information, education and communications. A website has been launched and as soon as it reaches an interesting point we will let you know. We participated in a large organizational meeting last April, in a smaller strategic meeting last October and in a small meeting of WG1 in January.

This is a very important initiative since it is the only international forum to focus on GHG reductions in the built environment. The first product of the Global ABC was the 2016 Global Status report (attached) which was prepared primarily by the IEA and GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network).

Stay tuned for more developments. The next major event is a large organizational meeting to be held in Berlin on 20-21 March. For more information or to register to attend, see


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