Notes AGM iiSBE d.d. October 21, Helsinki, Finland

For your information:

During the last Global SB Conference in Helsinki, there was also the official 'Annual General Meeting' of iiSBE.

Please find attached the notes of this latest iiSBE AGM, where were actually present more than 40 of our members!

Are "green" office buildings keeping their promises?

Professor Jean Carassus of CSTB has put together a report entitled:

Are "green" office buildings keeping their promises?
Actual performance, real estate value and "HQE® Exploitation" certification

Which answers to five questions:

iiSBE Focused workshop on SB Assessment Methods and Tools - updated

--- Update: Presentations for download - see attachments. ---

Helsinki Workshop on SB Assessment Methods and Tools Sponsored by iiSBE and Formas was held from 12:00 to 18:20 on Monday, 17 October.


More detailed information coming soon - stay tuned and check this post for workshop presentations later on.

SBChallenge11 proceedings

Image During last week's highly successful SB11 conference in Helsinki, iiSBE held its traditional SBChallenge - a collection of projects from all over the world.
Twenty-five projects from thirteen countries have entered the SBChallenge, and have provided a full paper, Key Performance Indicators and a video presentation.
This material is now available at

Academic and Research Forum Launched

The Academic & Research Forum: a new iiSBE platform for research and education related organisations provides opportunities for international exposure.

Details coming soon.