iiSBE Focused workshop on SB Assessment Methods and Tools - updated

--- Update: Presentations for download - see attachments. ---

Helsinki Workshop on SB Assessment Methods and Tools Sponsored by iiSBE and Formas was held from 12:00 to 18:20 on Monday, 17 October.


More detailed information coming soon - stay tuned and check this post for workshop presentations later on.

iiSBE-Formas workshop agenda FINAL4 17Oct11.pdf69.16 KB
Questionnaire mg 111017.xlsx33.92 KB
Nils Larsson_Tool Purposes and content.pdf414.97 KB
Nils Larsson_New SBTool Generic Framework.pdf2.6 MB
Tove Malmqvist_Tool Scope_structure and content.pdf795.95 KB
Luis Braganca_Indicators and benchmarking.pdf750.68 KB
Mauritz Glaumann_Weighting and aggregation.pdf384.16 KB
Manuel Macias_ISO_CEN_Summary on methodology.pdf230.28 KB
Ronlad Rovers_Regional-SBTools_maxergy summary.pdf2.58 MB
Thomas Lutzkendorf_Regional-SBTool Germany DGNB&BNB.pdf544.53 KB
Giulia Barbano_Regional-SBTool_Italy.pdf484.51 KB
Petr Hajek_Regional-SBToolCZ.pdf3.31 MB
Luis Braganca_Regional-SBTool_Portugal.pdf587.71 KB
Manuel Macias_Regional-SBTool Spain.pdf244.99 KB