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Core Reports      
Annex 31 offers four Core Reports that together provide a comprehensive introduction to the theory, design and application of energy and life cycle assessment (LCA) tools for buildings.These include:      
  Environmental Framework                     click to open the main PDF document
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  An environmental framework is the foundation to any analysis of the energy-related environmental impact of buildings. An environmental framework provides a consistent and comprehensive system for describing the physical interactions arising throughout the life cycle of buildings.
This report provides a detailed description of the concepts and methods used to analyse the technical systems that affect the environment, including functional units, and cause and effect chains.
  Decision Making Framework             
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  A decision-making framework is required in order to effectively design and develop environmental assessment methods and tools.This report serves to clarify how and when specific actors become involved in decisions, at each stage in a building's lifecycle.
The Framework defines the scope of each decision, and the types of evaluation criteria and decision-support tools that may be beneficial
  Types of Tools                                       
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  Types of Tools inform the decision-making process by helping actors understand the consequences of different choices. Tools are the interface between the environmental framework and the decision-making framework. To be effective, they must be tailored to the planning phase, the knowledge base of the user, and the concerns of the actors - including the applicable assessment criteria and standards.
This report describes every category of tool, their information requirements, and identifies key features that make tools effective.
  LCA Methods for Buildings                    
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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique for assessing the environmental aspects and potential impacts throughout a product’s life – from raw material acquisition through production, use and disposal. This report begins by summarising how to apply the basic LCA method to building products, single buildings and groups of buildings.
The report then examines five problem areas encountered when LCA methods are used for buildings. Suggestions are also made about how to adapt the LCA method to buildings and overcome specific problems.