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Directory of Tools
A Survey of LCA Tools,Assessment Frameworks, Rating Systems,Technical Guidelines, Catalogues, Checklists and Certificates

Improving the environmental performance of buildings and building stocks is best accomplished using tools as decision-making aids. Many countries now have a variety of tools that have been tailored for use by specific users and to fill particular analytical needs.The purpose of this survey is to provide a quick overview of the tools that are currently available or that are soon to be released. Each tool is described in terms of its functions, audience, users, software application and technical support, data requirements, strengths, availability and contact information.


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US DOE Tools Directory: Interactive Software for Energy Calculations
This Annex 31 Tools Directory is designed to complement the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Bulding Energy Software Tools Directory buildings/tools_directory/
The US DOE Tools Directory includes descriptions of building software tools for evaluating energy efficienc, renewable energy, and sustainability in buildings. Other types of tools, including LCA Tools,Assessment Frameworks, Rating Systems, Guidelines, Catalogues, Checklists and so on are described Annex 31 report.

  Sustainable Building Information System (SBIS)
Tools in the Annex 31 Tool Directory are also listed in the Method and Tools section of the Sustainable Building Information System (SBIS) database, available at
The SBIS is a newly created international database designed to provide users with general but broad information about sustainable building and links to detailed sources of information.
The SBIS provides data and a search mechanism for eight categories of information that include Technologies, Method and Tools, Policies and Programs, Research and Development Projects, Buildings, Documents, People, and Events. SBIS will provide up-to-date information on sustainable design Tools, building upon the directory created in Annex 31.