iiSBE 2.0 Reboot

Except for a very small number of exceptions, we have not asked for nor collected membership fees for the 18-month pandemic and therefore we are re-starting with a more-or-less clean sheet as of 01 November. We are now distributing these documents to many previous and potential members.

We have not been entirely passive during the pandemic period. We have launched the 2022-23 SBE conference series on behalf of iiSBE, CIB, FIDIC and UNEP, and we are now actively reviewing individual conference proposals and negotiating changes with the organizers. We have taken part in numerous virtual events with colleagues in Asia, Europe and Canada. We have now begun a process to re-design and re-launch our iiSBE website, while ensuring that the SBE series website is kept up to date. Andrea Moro and his colleagues in iiSBE Italia are developing web-based versions of the iiSBE tools at building, neighbourhood and regional scales, based on the original SBTool system. Andrea and other iiSBE colleagues are also taking part in the preliminary stage of a large development project in Portugal, south of Lisbon, which will require the application of iiSBE’s skills in analysis and performance assessment.

I attach an iiSBE governance and activities document and a membership form developed through discussions with Greg Foliente (Australia and Board Chair), Luis Braganca (President/Portugal), Teresa Coady (VP/Canada), Katerina Tsikaloudaki (Greece), Joseph Yen yi Li (Taiwan), Andrea Moro (Italy), Richard Lorch (UK) and Thomas Luetzkendorf (Germany), and several other key iiSBE members.

Kindly take a look at the attached documents and let us know if you would like to join us in the work of developing iiSBE 2.0.

Nils Larsson, Executive Director

iiSBE INDIVIDUAL member form 20Nov21.xlsx75.58 KB
Proposed restructuring and activity areas 07Oct21.pdf171.2 KB
Board meeting 13Dec21 minutes+actions.pdf1.9 MB