Files on Pandemics and Built Environment

Five files are available for downloading, including:

*** NEW *** An Excel file to allow users to make their own assessments of approximate risks associated with personal itineraries, dated 15 October 2020.

* A technical paper on Pandemics and the Built Environment, updated 17 September;

* A PPT presentation based on the above, dated 14 September, and

* A PPT file on Universities in the Covid era, presented to representatives of three major universities in Toronto on 27 August 2020

* A small Excel file to support the performance assessment of universities with respect to their Covid performance, updated 14 September 2020.

Nils Larsson, iiSBE

Covid-19 and Built Environment presentation 14Sep20.pptx_.zip6.68 MB
Covid-19 university assessment 14Sep20.xlsx520.15 KB
Pandemics and universities 27Aug20.zip5.39 MB
Covid-19 and the Built Environment 17Sep20.pdf4.29 MB
Covid-19 Personal Activity Risk Assessment 15Oct20.xlsx898.5 KB