Update on SBE Conference series

The SBE partners and representatives of the WSBE17 Hong Kong and Gothenburg WSBE20 conferences, plus Ivan Cerda (Chile) and Thomas Lûtzkendorf (Germany) met in Paris during 11-12 October to review the 10 SBE19 proposals that have been received and also to discuss detailed plans for WSBE2020. One point of immediate interest is that the partners decided to extend the eligibility period for the conferences backward, to 1 September 2018. This was done in view of two applications for events in the Fall of 2018, and a decision that such a move would not create a problem for other events. Full meeting notes are available on request.

iiSBE was selected to lead the conference series planning and management for the 2018-20 cycle. The other participating organizations are CIB, FIDIC and UN Environment. The work will include liaison with the organizers of the Gothenburg WSBE20 event, and leading the selection of national or regional events for 2019. There will probably be 10 to 14 of these events selected.


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