The WSBE17 Conference in Hong Kong was a major success

This conference was the latest global event in the SBE conference series. The series operates on a 3-year cycle and WSBE17 was preceded by 20 national events during 2016. About 1800 persons attended the conference itself, which was primarily sponsored by the HK Green Building Council. Many members or friends of iiSBE participated as speakers and/or delegates, including Thomas Lützkendorf, Joseph Li, Andrea Moro, Antonin Lupisek, Greg Foliente, Luis Bragança, Nils Larsson, Jean Cinq-Mars, Bob Bach, Serge Salat, Mark Gorgolewski, Ray Cole and George Baird.

The conference was preceded by an iiSBE Board meeting on the 4th of June. iiSBE shared a double display booth with other SBE partners.
iiSBE organized the Sustainable Building Challenge at WSBE17, which is an event sponsored by iiSBE at these global events. One SBE Challenge session focused on urban area assessment and the other on building performance evaluation (BPE). The BPE work was organized by Gord Shymko and presented the results of BPE studies of 9 case study buildings that was carried out with 3 Canadian universities and was financed by a national research funding agency.