iiSBE-related meetings in Paris 22 to 26 November 2013

Several iiSBE-related meetings that took place in Paris, during the period 22 to 26 November. Events included Eye on Community Sustainability and Resilience Special Initiative Coordination Meeting, a meeting with international co-promoters (CIB, UNEP-SBCI, FIDIC and iiSBE) of the SB conference series, and a two-day technical symposium sponsored by Green Building Performance Network (GBPN) and UNEP-SBCI.

1.   Eye on Community Sustainability and Resilience Special Initiative Coordination Meeting

Eye on Earth is a global public information network for creating and sharing information that was launched in 2008 and includes participation by UNEP, NASA and some major NGOs. One of the principal NGO partners is EcoCity. Although my knowledge of the project and its history is very sketchy, it appears to focus on the use of satellite data to assess various environmental and even social phenomena on the ground (and in the sea).   This meeting took place on Thursday and Friday the 21-22 November and I was invited by Curt Garrigan (XD of the UNEP-SBCI ) to attend. I only arrived in time to attend the Friday morning part of the meeting.

If you would like more detailed information, please contact  Costis Toregas at .

2. On the afternoon of Friday, 22 November, a meeting was held of the principal stakeholders in the SB conference series. Participants included  Curt Garrigan (UNEP-SBCI) Frank Hovorka (iiSBE) Wim Bakens (CIB), Francois Baillon (FIDIC), Jean Felix (FIDIC), Emilio Mitre (SB13 events coordinator), Nils Larsson (SB series coordinator and Chair). A file with detailed meeting notes is available on request.

3. On Monday and Tuesday, 25 and 26 November, I attended a symposium organized by UNEP-SBCI and GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network). Day 1 focused on resource efficiency, and Day 2 on energy and climate mitigation. There were several interesting speakers, including Josefina Lindblom of EC, Ana Cunha, and Noel Morrin (Skanska) on resource efficiency, Marc La France of IEA, on recent mitigation work in IEA, and Silke Krawietz (Italy) on Building Integrated PV (BIPV) and Jens Laustsen on current work by GBPN. On behalf of the four SB conference co-promoters, I gave a summary of the history and status of the series.

Contact me for further details on any of these events.