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Results of final assessment


Explanation of the abbreviation "maph" in the table above:

"Maph" is million annual person hours of occupancy and kaph is thousands.  It is a way of normalizing results for occupant numbers and schedule.

A good way to clarify the idea is to talk about two identical buildings. One has 100 consultants working 40 hours per week, the other has a telephone call centre with 200 people x 3 shifts, 24/7. The first case will have 208,000 aph, the second will have 1,752,000 aph. These can be expressed as 0.2 maph and 1.75 maph respectively which is a ratio of 8.76:1. Of course, the second case will also involve a much higher equipment density. All these factors result in a much larger energy, emissions and water footprint for the second one. So, if building 1 consumes 200 kwh per m2 per year and building 2 consumes 600 kwh per m2 per year, building 2 is still a much better performer when normalized for occupancy.
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