GBC will serve as a synthesis of current thought on the subject and as an on-going test-bed for new systems. The assessment framework builds on current work being undertaken in more than 20 countries around the world in consultation with IEA Annex 31, whose task is to investigate the energy implications of building environmental performance assessment systems. GBC has provided participants with second-generation green design guidelines and a second-generation tool for building performance labelling. Both GBC '98 and GBC 2000 have presented a unique approach to performance assessments through its use of national/regional overlays on top of a global core system. Thus the framework recognizes ab initio the importance of regional factors related to climatic, resource, economic and even cultural conditions. The “regional layers” have been developed by national teams and are usable by participating countries even now, for the purpose of developing local labelling systems.
National research agencies will have access to the comparable information on energy issues and environmental priorities at both national and regional levels. This will be invaluable to policy makers in the rapidly evolving field of environmental management. Research agencies and designers have access to detailed information (subject to owners’ confidentiality requirements) and performance data on close to a hundred buildings that have been and will be assessed over six years of GBC activities. All three conferences are doing much to raise the consciousness of green building amongst delegates and building industries in all the participating countries.

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