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Conference on Sustainable Buildings - South-East Asia
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The Construction Technology & Management Centre (CTMC) , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is the local host to the Conference on Sustainable Buildings 2004 - South-East Asia (SB04-SEA). Previously in 2002, CTMC had collaborated with CIB and UNEP in the development of Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction in Developing Countries in South Africa.

The SB04-SEA conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,11-13th April, 2005 and hosted under the auspices of the CIB, iiSBE , UNEP to advance sustainable building agendas in South East Asia.

The conference is also a part of the EU Asia–Pro Eco Programme aiming at building capacity and developing an action plan for the implementation of Sustainable Buildings construction practices, technologies and techniques in Asia.

The conference provides an opportunity for professionals, governmental and non-governmental organisations, academics and researchers in these areas, decision makers to present their works and exchange information and eventually participate in a working conference to establish action plans for Sustainable Building and Construction for South-East Asia.

The event will be complimented by (i) a Pre-Conference Training/Course (ii) an award ceremony honouring best practices in SBC and (iii) technology showcase on the state-of-the art exhibition for SBC.


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