C-2000 Program - Executive Summary

Achieving High Performance Through Better Technologies
and Changes in the Design Process

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The C-2000 Program for Advanced Commercial Buildings is a small demonstration program for high-performance office buildings, developed and sponsored by the CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC), Natural Resources Canada. The emphases of this program are on energy and environmental performance, but criteria have been developed for a wide range of other parameters. The program was launched in 1993, and thirteen buildings have been designed, some of which have been built, while others are in, or approaching, construction. The goal of the program has been to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving a high level of energy and environmental performance through the application of modern technologies.

While the program has undergone continuous evolution in its structure, several elements have remained constant: the provision of incremental financial support and technical assistance to a small number of development teams for the design who agree to conform to the program's whole-building performance requirements. The overall strategy has been to assist in the completion of projects that meet the performance criteria, to monitor their actual performance and to inform the industry of the results. Program goals are achieved by the application of explicit performance targets, careful selection of qualified teams and the development of close working relationships with other experts in the field. It was recognized from the outset that the minimum threshold of effort needed for the sophisticated design approach would make the program more cost-effective for larger projects.

Although the C-2000 program was limited to office buildings, the program criteria were applied to a program for multi-residential buildings called Ideas Challenge, which was jointly operated by CETC and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Canada's national housing agency. This paper focuses on the C-2000 Program.


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