Green Building Challenge

SB Challenge

If you have experience in designing, building or operating high performance buildings, you are invited to take part in the Sustainable Building Challenge process. SB Challenge is a continuation of the Green Building Challenge process that began in 1996 and that has engaged over 75 teams in project assessments, displayed at GBC'98, SB2000, SB02, SB05, SB08 and SB11 conferences.

The SB Challenge process results in the selection of a broad range of high-performance buildings around the world, assessed by the proponents and then presented with key performance indicators and discussed at World Sustainable Building Conferences. The last of these was in Helsinki in October 2011.

The results of SB Challenge for 2014 will be on display at the SB World Conference at Barcelona in October 2014. The focus for this round is a comparison of the potential performance predicted at the design stage with the actual performance recorded after two years of operation. This approach will provide unusually interesting results, although it will undoubtedly cut down on the potential number of case studies. SB Challenge 2014 is being led by Nils Larsson of iiSBE and a team of GBC España members, led by Manuel Macias.