iiSBE working group on SB Method and SBTool meets in Madrid

Several iiSBE members met in Madrid on May 2 and 3, to hold an in-depth discussion on the current status and future direction of iiSBE's performance assessment system, SB Method, and its derivative national systems in Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The meeting began with a presentation by Nils Larsson about current work on the core system, SBTool Generic, including its structure, weighting system and scoring. The status of the national versions was then discussed by their developers Andrea Moro, Petr Hajek, Luis Braganca and Manuel Macias.

Giulia Barbano presented a document prepared by her and Antonin Lupisek on a protocol for ensuring a gradual convergence of national systems with the core system. Attendees will be commenting on this in the near future so that it can be finalized.

Andrea Moro provided an interesting update on the introduction of a new commercial building rating system in Italy that has been developed in a partnership between iiSBE Italia, regional governments and the national research agency IRC-CNR.

Serge Salat initiated a discussion on the need for the SBTool Generic to provide more benchmarks for locational issues and urban development than is currently the case. A revised list of SBTool Generic parameters will be issued for discussion shortly.