International trends in the development of rating systems

As part of a larger conference for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) organization, a two-day seminar on green buildings was held on 3-4 March 2011, in Washington DC. The seminar, Green Buildings and Green Growth: the Enabling Role of Standards and Trade, brought together some 100 people from 10 countries from the fields of trade, business, standards and building technology. Delegates known to most iiSBE members included Niclas Svenningsen of UNEP and Kazuo Iwamura from Japan.

Beyond welcomes and introductions, some 40 substantive presentations were made. Issues covered included the role of standards, EPDs (environmental product declarations) and rating systems in promoting or hindering global trade. Nils Larsson represented iiSBE and delivered a presentation titled International trends in the development of rating systems., which is attached.

IEA Task 23 documents

IEA Task 23 explored the role of the integrated design process (IDP) in enabling buildings to reach very high levels of performance. The three files attached provide an overview of the project, which ended in 2003.

The Integrated Design Process; History and Analysis

Nils Larsson, Executive Director
International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE), 21 August, 2009

Abstract: The Integrated Design Process (IDP) is a method of intervention in early stages of the design process that supports the development and design team to avoid sub-optimal design solutions. IDP is not a new concept, and may in fact have been applied in the past by some design teams on an ad-hoc basis; but the formal implementation of the process is a development that has taken place over the past 15 years. This paper provides a partial history and some analysis of the characteristics of IDP.

iiSBE News for February 2011

The February issue of iiSBE update is out!
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Expression of Interest (EOI) issued for the conference series SB2013-14

CIB, iiSBE and UNEP have released their EOI for the next cycles of international conferences, to take place in 2013 and 2014. Responses to the EOI are due on 16 February, after which selected proponents will be asked to submit full proposals by 30 June.

The selected national and international events will be announced at the SB 2011 World SB Conference, taking place in Helsinki during 18-21 October, 2011.

Bill Porteous, coordinator on behalf of the three sponsoring organizations, has already received four responses since the release of the EOI last week.

In attachment you will find the RFP and the EOI module.

For further details, contact Bill Porteous at