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  Highlight Report

This Highlight Report summarizes the work of the Annex 31 project “Energy-Related Environmental Impact of Buildings” and is based on the research findings of participating countries.

Annex 31 is a project established under the auspices of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Programme.
It examines how energy and life cycle assessment tools and methods can be used to reduce the energy-related impact of buildings on interior, local and global environments. As the need to address environmental concerns such as resource depletion and greenhouse gas emissions become more pressing, the concepts, tools, case studies and practical considerations in Annex 31 present an invaluable information resource.
The complete Annex 31 Report is also available in the printed version


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Target audiences for Annex 31

Annex 31 will be of interest to people engaged in:

  • assessing the impact of buildings in terms of their direct and indirect energy use
  • developing assessment tools decision-making regarding buildings, including policies, guidelines,
     practices, materials and systems related to the complete life cycle of buildings
     and who are likely to be in one of the following groups:
  • policy developers, regulatory groups and others who wish to encourage
    or mandate the use of building and energy assessment tools and methods
  • educators and researchers
  • practitioners, including design professionals
  • assessment tool developers.